Pricing + Services


The Basics Every Dog will receive:

* Light De-Matting Where Needed
* Thorough Brushing
* Heated Water Bath
* Gland Expulsion
* Shampoo & Conditioner Treatments
* High Velocity Blow Dry
* General Assessment of Coat and Skin Condition
* Nails Clipped & Filed
* Ears Cleaned & Plucked
* De-Shed Treatment
* Additional Grooming Requests
* Finishing Spray
* Washed Collar  (Summer Only)


$70/:01-:30 $80/:35-:55

 The hourly fee includes the convenience of mobility and its provisions, which additionally include: travel time for the groomer, bringing the salon directly to you, the one-one services between the groomer and your pup, personalized and pampered grooming to meet your pet's specific needs, quick service (average time/dog is 1-1.5hr), no kennels and no strange dogs.

Our Mobile Service offers MAXIMUM convenience with standing appointments, billing and absentee owner considerations.

Auto Billing Option

If you want to store your Credit Card information with us to pay your grooming bill, we will add a 3% processing fee for the encrypted service and for the higher "keyed" fees charged from the vendor. Otherwise, you can pay online, check or cash. Please note that if you become two appointments delinquent, you may be removed from the schedule and assessed a late payment fee.

Utah Sales Tax 7.25%

Discounts? Yes!!

10% off — Sign your pup up with a standing appointment every 1-2 weeks.

5% off — Sign your pup up with a standing appointment every 3-4 weeks.

Discounts taken before tax; only applicable to appointments lasting longer than one hour.

Other Fees:

$15 ‘Bounce back’ — This only applies if your pup is not available and we have to return later in the day or upon arriving to one location, need to change locations.

50% of Grooming — If you cancel within 48hrs of your appointment time, you may be assessed 50% of the expected grooming bill as we will not have enough time to fill your appointment slot with another dog.

Please note that the final price is subject to change and is at the sole discretion of the groomer and Groomin’ On The Go.

Charitable giving

We love giving back to our community. Please follow us on Instagram or Facebook to see our current projects and current giving campaigns. We also providing matching grants so you can join the fun!