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Why do I have to book so far in advance?

Groomin' On The Go primarily services dog owners who choose to have their dog groomed on a regular basis. This is the reason for our limited availability. However, as a new client, we will do everything we can to schedule your dog at our earliest convenience, and at a time that works for you.

Do any of your groomers use muzzles?

Usually, no. Our groomers will only put a muzzle on your dog if the groomer feels like s/he are in danger of being bitten when they are in a vulnerable position (like clipping nails). If a muzzle is used, you will be told about it.

What will your groomers do if my dog is acting up?

During the grooming experience, our groomers will remain professional and calm. They are firm in handling your dog to establish their control, but will never intentionally hurt your dog. Your pup is our #1 concern, priority and focus. everything we do when working with him/her is for their safety and the safety of the groomer. If a bite occurs (one that prevents the groomer from finishing), you are expected to pay for the grooming in full despite the finished condition of your dog but are not responsible for medical bills.

How do I contact you?

We are a small grooming operation, so sometimes it may take a few days for us to get back to you. Email or text is always best; but please be patient as other areas of business operations tend to pull at our attention. We will never return a phone call outside of normal business hours.

What about Gratuity?

Yes, you may tip your groomer! They work on a commission based scale, so a little cash in their pocket is a great way to say "thank you" for their hard work and skill set required to groom your pup. Most clients tip anywhere from 10-25%. Please let us know if you'd like gratuity to be automatically added to your bill before payment processing. This way, you will never have to stress about remembering to leave something extra.

Will you need to plug into my house?

What about water?

We will not need to plug into your home, our van is 100% self contained! When our generator is running, it will provide more than enough electricity required to groom any breed of dog. Only if there are mechanical problems with the generator, we will need access to an outlet.

Groomin' On The Go will arrive with clean water. Only if we run out of water will we need access to a hose and spigot. We use only biodegradable, 100% natural products that break down cleanly and quickly.

Why do you charge hourly?

Most grooming operations charge a flat rate for their grooming services but keep your pup for up to 6 hours! Typically, the groomers work on 2-5 dogs at the same time which allows for the lesser price but longer groom time. Groomin’ On The Go works exclusively with your dog, start to finish. Because of this, our groomers cannot multi-task working on multiple pups, thus requiring an hourly rate for the time it takes. Most grooms last 1-2 hours under our care.

Do you groom cats?

No, unfortunately we do not provide any feline services.

Who Do You Recommend for. . .

Dog/House Sitting: Katie 435-640-6308

Dog Walking: Wag 'n Tails 435-659-6968

Dog Boarding: Summit Pet Care 435-658-5148

Dog Training: Heather Hampsten 435-640-0585

Any Other Questions?

Please email your question(s) to our office at and allow 48 hours for an answer.